Water Authority of Great Neck North

Beware of Possible Water Testing Scams

Residents have reported receiving mailings by a company offering to test their home drinking water, under the false pretense that the company represents the Authority and with the intention of convincing unsuspecting consumers of purchasing expensive home water filters.

Don't be fooled by mailers, slick advertising or smooth talking sales representatives for home water filtering systems. The water provided by the Authority to the tap exceeds stringent quality standards set by federal and state health departments.

Furthermore, if not properly maintained, a home water treatment system can actually become harmful to your health. Faulty installation or infrequent changes of filters can allow bacteria growth and movement into the tap water, among other concerns.

The Authority delivers some of the best drinking water in the nation to consumers at a reasonable price. Our sole mission is to provide residents with safe, clean drinking water.

Water Authority of Great Neck North
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